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VMware vSphere with Tanzu – Configuration for 1 Processor

Price: 5459,51€

VMware vSphere with Tanzu simplifies operation of Kubernetes on-premises by putting cloud native constructs at the VI Admin’s fingertips. vSphere with Tanzu includes vSphere Enterprise Plus as a perpetual license, and Tanzu Basic as a 1-year or 3-year term license option. Tanzu Basic delivers an open source aligned Kubernetes distribution, packaged for the enterprise and delivered as part of your existing infrastructure to support application modernization. vSphere with Tanzu empowers you to modernize your data center to run VMs and containers side by side, modernizing existing apps and running new containerized apps.

Learn more about VMware vSphere with Tanzu and VMware Tanzu Basic. If you already have a vSphere Enterprise Plus license, buy VMware Tanzu Basic to upgrade to vSphere with Tanzu.

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Price: 5459,51€
  • Kubernetes runtime: Turn on an enterprise-ready Kubernetes runtime through vSphere, including logging, registry, networking, storage, OS, and Cluster-API-driven lifecycle management.
  • vSphere-specific capabilities: Leverage Kubernetes APIs to access vSphere-specific resources, including vSphere Pod service, Storage service and Registry Service (with NSX), plus Network service.
  • Optimal use of ecosystem projects: Work with the best open source projects to address key requirements for Kubernetes-based container management, including Harbor for image registry and Fluent Bit for monitoring.
  • Expert VMware support: Use supported software with complete confidence. Tanzu Basic includes open source projects supported by our expert customer services team.
  • vSphere- specific capabilities: vSphere Pod service*, Storage service, Network service, Registry service* (*requires NSX)
  • Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management: Cluster API
  • Image registry: Harbor
  • Container networking: Antrea/Calico
  • Load balancing: VMware Load Balancer Services for Kubernetes
  • Monitoring: Fluent Bit
  • Operating System: PhotonOS