Perpetual license Local Desktop Virtualization

Upgrade to Fusion 13 Player

Price: 77,23€

If you own a license for Fusion 11 or Fusion 12 Player and to require a commercial license to use Fusion Player, you are eligible for this upgrade discount.

VMware Fusion Player delivers a secure and powerful desktop sandbox for running Windows or other operating systems on the Mac without rebooting. Use a commercial license with Fusion Player to separate your Work from your Home computing.

Fusion Player paid license allows this product to be used for commercial purposes as per the product licensing guide.

Price: 77,23€

VMware® offers optional Support and Subscription Services (SnS) to VMware Fusion Player customers with the purchase of 1 or more licenses. SnS Protects your investment by providing major version upgrades as well as technical assistance during the subscription term.

Includes 30 Days of complimentary email support.
Additional support offerings available upon adding to cart.

Key Features

Versatile Desktop Virtualization

Unlock the power of desktop virtualization with VMware Fusion 13 Player, enabling seamless running of Windows and other operating systems on your Mac.

Easy Setup and Deployment

Effortlessly set up and deploy virtual machines with VMware Fusion 13 Player, providing a user-friendly experience for testing, development, and running applications.

Accelerated Performance

Experience accelerated performance with VMware Fusion 13 Player, leveraging hardware-assisted virtualization and optimizations for efficient resource utilization and smooth operation.

Seamless Mac-Windows Integration

Achieve seamless integration between Mac and Windows applications with VMware Fusion 13 Player, enabling convenient file sharing and cross-platform collaboration.

Secure and Isolated Workspaces

Ensure secure and isolated workspaces with VMware Fusion 13 Player, protecting sensitive data by running virtual machines with encrypted virtual hard disks and restricting user access.

Broad OS and Application Support

Benefit from broad operating system and application support with VMware Fusion 13 Player, allowing you to run a wide range of software on your Mac without compatibility issues.

What's Included

Fusion Pro Perpetual License

Acquire a perpetual license for Fusion Player, granting you the right to use the software indefinitely without the need for recurring subscription payments.

Software Installation and Activation

Receive the necessary software installation files and activation keys to deploy and activate Fusion Player on your system.

License Entitlements

Gain entitlement to use Fusion Player on a specified number of machines or virtual instances, as per the terms of the license.

Access to Product Updates

Get access to product updates, patches, and bug fixes for Fusion Player, ensuring that your software remains up-to-date and benefits from the latest features and enhancements.

Technical Support

Receive technical support for your Fusion Player license, which may include access to knowledge bases, documentation, forums, and assistance from VMware's support team.

Licensing Documentation

Receive licensing documentation that outlines the terms and conditions of the Fusion Player perpetual license, including any usage restrictions or limitations.

Disclaimer: Please note that the specific licensing details may vary, and it's important to refer to the official VMware website or contact VMware directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Fusion Player licensing.

Compare Fusion Editions

Fusion 13 Player
Full Virtualization
Support for Containers
Multiple Snapshots
Remote vSphere Connectivity
Fusion 13 Pro
Full Virtualization
Support for Containers
Multiple Snapshots
Remote vSphere Connectivity

System Requirements

General System
  • Processor: Intel Xeon or AMD equivalent, dual-core or higher (Recommended: Quad-core or higher)
  • Memory: Minimum 8GB RAM (Recommended: 16GB or more)
  • Storage: Minimum 50GB available disk space (Recommended: 100GB or more)
  • Network: 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter (Recommended: 10 Gbps Ethernet adapter for optimal performance)
Operating System
  • macOS: Version 10.15 or later (Recommended: Latest version)
  • macOS Big Sur: Fully compatible with Fusion 13 Pro
Other Requirements
  • Intel-based Mac with Intel VT-x support enabled in the BIOS (Required for running virtual machines)
  • macOS: Latest updates and patches installed
  • Virtualization Security: Apple Secure Boot and System Integrity Protection (SIP) enabled

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Compatibility

VMware provides detailed information on supported guest and host operating systems in the official Compatibility Guide: Compatibility Guide

Account and License Management

Troubleshooting and Support

Visit the VMware Support site to create a support request, access product documentation, and explore knowledge base articles: VMware Support

Accessing Product Documentation


For more information visit the VMware Fusion FAQs page.


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