VMware Credits

Learning Credits

Price: 81,00€

Learning Credits, an enhanced and easy way to prepay for VMware Education and Certification Training. With Learning Credits, customers can schedule training when and how they need it. Customers can buy credits at the time of license purchase or as a stand-alone purchase, helping to manage costs and eliminate the need to allocate additional training funds later on.

Decide your savings! With tiered pricing, discounts are provided by purchasing more credits all at once.

Your Number of Credits Discount
1-9 N/A
10-50 SAVE 10%
51-500 SAVE 15%
501+ SAVE 20%

All credits have face value of 99,63 €

Price: 81,00€

Budget: Customers can better manage their training costs because funds are allocated at the time of purchase. Learning Credits provide the dual benefit of funding a well-trained IT staff, along with discounts options of up to 15 percent.

Flexible: Learning Credits can be redeemed within 12 months from the date of purchase. These credits are valid for on-site, in-person or online courses offered directly from VMware or through VMware Authorized Training Centers.

Pricing: Volume-based discounts are available.